Talent Starategy

Corporate Culture

Creative technologies, professional services.

Talent Strategy

OV company pursue ’meritocracy’ philosophy, the human resources as the cornerstone of enterprise development. With the vigorous development of the company, OV companies have gradually built up a wealth of industry knowledge, aware of the latest IT concepts, insight into the development of the industry team of experts. Company’s technology development team are 100% owned by undergraduate and graduate degrees. OV is actively create healthy competition environment, build a good development platform for employees to fully demonstrate their ability to achieve the ’utilized, can make the best use’.Companies to implement a fair and objective of the incentive and restrictive mechanism, the mechanism strategic direction focused, market nature, science Deng features, fully play its role in regulating lever, to provide staff and other technical Zhuanjia and Zixunguwen more Qudaofazhan Kong Jian, great Jifarenli resource potential. At the same time, different stages of development for the staff, the design of targeted professional training, employees and business grow together. We strive to promote and encourage personal development, and that systematically to: Pay and conditions - for the personnel to provide reasonable attractive treatment; Cause care - to create a development platform for the talent and the promotion of space; Emotional soul left - to create a good cultural atmosphere, and continuously strengthen internal affinity and cohesion. We hope more people join the OV community, we hope that more people in enriching their knowledge and seek common development company with OV.

Employee Standards

With strict management principles, based on the company and the team’s long-term development, we have the following the introduction of talent criteria: First, high-quality humanities. Strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, broad-minded, able to correctly handle the relationship between individual and group interests. Among them, the team spirit is the core.Second, with the ability to work a certain competence. Company for new employees and provide good working and learning environment. Encourage the comprehensive development of employees, allowing employees to apply to try new positions. Third, regardless of qualifications, all different positions, different skills, but the compatibility and better teamwork.


Through "Creative technologies, professional services" to create value for users is our mission.Let customer satisfaction is our highest goal to pursue.